National Sex Offender Registry Search

Why Choose This Search?

  • Protect special populations such as children
  • Meet certain Federal requirements specific industries or job titles
  • Provide a broad nationwide search

Details of this search

The National Sex Offender Registry Search is performed by accessing the U.S. Department of Justice’s sex offender database, which contains listings of more than 500,000 registered sex offenders from all 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Guam. While data or types of crimes listed in the registry varies by state, the registry consists of such offenses as sexually violent offenses, sexual offenses, misconduct with a minor, production of child pornography, etc. A National Sex Offender Registry Search is valuable because it identifies a group with a disposition for repeating similar crimes. The U.S. Department of Justice identified that the recidivism rate for sex crimes is four times higher than other crimes. In addition, this search provides companies with increased visibility to an applicant’s history. Even though a sex offense may not appear on a person’s record because of time elapsed, they may still be listed on the registry. Please note there are state-specific laws regarding the use of the Sex Offender Registry for employment purposes. Check with your state before using this information to make a hiring decision.

Companies should run a National Sex Offender Registry Search in addition to statewide searches because it provides a greater reach than a single state and can be more cost-effective than purchasing multiple state registry searches. Also, many sex offenders move without updating their registry information.

On average, states are unable to account for 24% of registered sex offenders. A recent study found that up-to-date addresses were missing for 77,000 sex offenders across 32 states. In California, the state does not know the whereabouts of 44% or 33,296 of their registered sex offenders.

Data Source

U.S. Department of Justice’s sex offender database